"Live Passionately Tonight."

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marina abramovic and crystal renn by dusan reljin for vogue ukraine, aug 14

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The bomb is dropped

The kittens sort of soften the blow.

this is the shittiest post ever. please unfollow me if you agree with this post also shame on OP for using cute kittens for this garbage post

not sure what it is exactly that makes this post so shitty? Because it’s promoting actual equality? instead of saying that you can call everyone else shit because you are part of an oppressed party you can say you are equal to them doesn’t exactly sound like a shitty idea to me.

BOOM. So many people on this website need to read this twice, let it sink in and then read it again.

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give em the ol razzle dazzle

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cats cats cats

Making them into prism bookmarks * v *! 

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Photos of Hamster Rear Ends Are Hit in Japan

Two books devoted to images of hamsters’ posteriors have already sold nearly 40,000 copies combined in Japan, according to the publishers, with a third book set for release later this month.”

(From the Wall Street Journal Japan Realtime Blog, May 21, 2014)


How to beat the summer heat!

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